Rates And Service guide

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Weight/Service Dateslot 9AM to 6PM Delivery Morning/Afternoon Slot Delivery Night Delivery 6PM to 10PM Delivery
90CM(L+B+H) and up to 5KG $7.00 $9.00 $12.00
120CM(L+B+H) 5.01KG~10KG $9.00 $11.00 $14.00
200CM(L+B+H) 10.01KG~20KG $11.00 $13.00 $16.00

Size (cm) is the total of length + width + height.

Parcel Box







Dateslot– Delivery as fast as the next day or a Sendbreeze working day not more than 5 days from the pick up. Delivery time will be decided by Sendbreeze between 9.30AM to 7.00PM.

Morning/Afternoon Slot Delivery– Choice of date for the delivery and choose either a delivery within the timing of 9.30AM to 1.00PM or 1.00PM to 7.00PM

Night Delivery – Delivery on chosen date and Delivery anytime between 6.00PM to 10.00PM. *No free redelivery if the delivery failed.

Please select the correct size or weight whichever is larger.In the event of the wrong size or weight, it will result in a surcharge or failed to pick up if it will overload the or not able to fit into the vehicle.the additional charges must be paid before we can proceed to arrange the delivery.

Additional Charges

  • Parcels should be packed and ready for collection prior to our courier driver, in the event where the courier have to wait for the sender to pack the parcel after arrival, there will be a $2.50 charge for every 5 minute or part of.
  • Waiting charges, should for whatever reason the courier is required to wait for more than minute, $2.50 charge for every 5 min or part of.
  • $3 surcharge applies for each location/unit to be collected or delivered from Town Office or mall building.
  • The requesters must ensure the right size and weight. Courier reserve the right to reject the collection if the size/weight is different and will result in overloading of the vehicle. Any differences must also be made before the planning of the delivery.
  • All parcels must be sealed to be considered ready and also to prevent any loose item from falling out.
  • Cancellations made on the day of the collection are subjected to 50% cancellation fee.
  • Change in delivery location or wrong address would be charged as a new delivery.

Service guidance

Our features

  • 1 Free redelivery under economy if recipient is not home
  • Delivery and collection timing from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Online Tracking of delivery status.
  • GPS of driver on the day of collection or delivery
  • Collection of up to 5 days in advance
  • Delivery of up to 5 days from pick up date for selected services
  • Email notication of delivery status to requester
  • SMS of delivery notification to recipient

Packing Guide

  • Parcels should be fully sealed to prevent any contents or loose item from falling out during the course of delivery
  • Liquid items like milk or drink packet should be pack into a box to prevent it from being squeeze.
  • Any gaps or empty space should be fill up to prevent the contents form moving about in the box.
  • Paperbase/clothes should be pack into a plastic wrap or a bag that will prevent water from touch the main product. We proceed with delivery even if its a Storm.
  • All contents should be packed into a single sealed package, if there are 2 parcels to 1 location, it will be charge as 2 parcels.

Collection and delivery

  • Parcels should be ready for collection before our couriers arrive.If we have to wait it will delay others and also increase our cost, meaning it will lead to higher delivery cost in future.Please note we reserve the right to skip your collection and charge.
  • If there is no parcel to collect there will be a $5.00 charge.
  • Deliveries to office will be made strictly to the front desk/reception of the unit.Rejection by the reception and if the reciepient is not contactable it will be consider as rejection and chargeble.


  • Please ensure there is a address label or handwritten directly onto the parcel external area.
  • It should contain the Tracking number,recipient name ,address.